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Andrea Bonanno

Chiliz pumps 15% in a day, here’s why

Chiliz is up 15% in 24 hours as fan tokens drive crypto market gains; here’s why. As supporters prepare for the FIFA World Cup 2022, the popularity of fan tokens

Crypto news
Andrea Bonanno

Top five crypto news from last week

There is seldom a week in crypto without some eye-catching news. The last week in cryptocurrency news witnessed the continuation of several old as well as new trends. Elon Musk’s

Andrea Bonanno

Stablecoins: explained.

The Crypto world has introduced many new concepts to society, but perhaps the most comprehensible to a mainstream audience is that of a digital stablecoin. Today, we analyze what a

Andrea Bonanno

THORChain suspended due to a software issue

The THORChain network has been suspended due to a software issue. The team indicated that the following steps would be to identify the cause of the non-determinism, provide an update,