Marketing Wallet of a Crypto Project: how spot it

The marketing wallet of a crypto project is critical because it is where the team’s ability to fire resides. Such a wallet is not only responsible for funding marketing, but it will also fund project development (programming, hiring, hosting, servers, etc.). Therefore, it is very important that the marketing wallet be filled with money.

It is difficult to move the project forward with zero money..

This article will teach us how to identify the marketing wallet on bscscan. On etherscan the process is the same. In six steps, you will discover how to find it and how to read it to avoid scams and incompetent teams.

Identify the marketing wallet step by step

1) Look for the project contract

First, you need to get the address of the contract. To do this, you can ask for the contract on the project’s Telegram group.

Once in the telegram group, type: “/contract” . The Rose bot (the most popular bot) should automatically respond with the contract.

telegram marketing wallet
Ask for the contract address in the telegram group

Alternatively, you can go to the Coinmarketcap project page and copy the address.


contract address coinmarketcap
Find the contract address on Coinmarketcap

2) Open bscscan and enter the address of the token

As a second step, you need to go to bscscan and paste the address you previously copied.


3) Go to the “contract” section

When you get to the project page, click on Contract.

contract bscscan
Click on contract

4) Click on Read contract

At this point, you have a choice between “code” and “read contract.” Typically, the latter offers an easier way to navigate through the contract. Bscscan puts the relevant information in drop-down sections.

Sometimes, however, when the contract is not standard you have to look for the marketing wallet within the code. In that case, the wallet may take other  names such as “owner wallet” or “charitable wallet.”

If the wallet does not appear in “Read contract” you have to search for it with the “Find” function of your browser in the “Code” section.

find marketing wallet

5) Identify how much money the project has in the marketing wallet

At this point, you have to check how much money the project has.

You need to look at two different sections:

BNB value: it states the dollar value held exclusively in BNB
Token: it states the dollar value of the entire amount of tokens (excluding BNBs) held.

Let’s say a decent amount should be over $5,000, but of course, you have to assess whether there was any major investment. This money is there to be spent.

In a bear market phase, a good amount is between $3,000 and $10,000. A marketing wallet with less than 15,000 euros in a bull market can hardly create a successful project. During the bull run, the price of all services increases dramatically.

marketing wallet balance

6) Locate outgoing transactions

Click on the “Transactions” section. You will access a list of incoming and outgoing transactions exclusively from BNB. In this example, there are only outgoing (OUT) transactions.

locate outgoing transaction
Locate outgoing transactions

The wallet below has received 9 BNB ($2500) from the marketing wallet above. As you can see, it has $100,000 in BNB. This is quite abnormal. We may be in the presence of a scam.

Alternatively, this could be one of the many services that help you to get listed on Coinmarketcap. Some investigation needs to be conducted.

marketing wallet scam

Typical patterns of a marketing wallet

Typical patterns of failure

After the presale the team empties the marketing wallet: modern scammers empty the wallet immediately after the presale ends. If you notice a sudden and unwarranted emptying of the marketing wallet in the transaction section, a crypto scam is likely taking place before your eyes.

There is little money in the marketing wallet: If there is little money, this guarantees failure. Ask the team how they plan to refill the marketing wallet. If they do not have a good strategy, it is better to abandon the project to its fate of failure.

Typical patterns of success

If the marketing wallet still has a lot of funds after several months, it’s a sign of good management. It means that the organizers are not scammers. It also means they are pragmatic and skilled and have not exhausted all the budgets in marginal and irrelevant activities. This is probably a gem you should invest in.