Instagram will support a polygon NFT marketplace

Instagram NFT

Instagram will soon feature a marketplace for NFTs, beginning with support for Polygon, in Meta’s latest push to grow into the crypto sector, the firm revealed.

The functionalities are now available to a select set of creators in the United States and will be spread to other countries in the near future. Meta also stated that support for Solana’s Phantom wallet is now available, and that information about OpenSea collections can now be seen on the platform.

A $100 billion creator economy cannot be achieved without a digital economy with higher mobility than today’s web services, according to Stephane Kasriel, Meta’s commerce fintech and web3 head, in a blog post. Meta’s long-term goal is to help creators make a livelihood, and the business will not charge fees in its digital collectable marketplace until 2024, and it will pay any blockchain-related gas expenses.

The addition of digital assets follows Meta’s statement last month that it will integrate NFT visibility and access for Facebook and Instagram.