How not to lose money on IDO, advice from our Crypto Garage experts

Even seasoned investors occasionally struggle to decide which of the numerous new cryptocurrency ventures is worthwhile investing in. What kinds of rewards startup currencies can offer is explained by our specialists. What is IDO, and where do they collect their liquidity?

A key strategy for starting new enterprises in the modern economy is to raise money for them from various investors. The market for crypto assets is not an exception and has forms comparable to the IPO model.

Most people who have come into contact with cryptocurrencies are familiar with what an ICO is and what occurred to this sector in 2018. After the 2018 boom, the ICO market actually died, and the SEC severely regulated them as a result. According to statistics, nearly 90% of all ICOs failed.

But even after the crypto winter, the market for young enterprises continued to demand financial infusions, which is how the new era of IDO and launchpad began.

As with an IPO, you must obtain an allocation to purchase tokens at a discount before they are made available for trading in order to participate in an IDO of a project. The primary investor profit is concealed in this area. There are already more than 70 platforms available on Launchpad. Nearly $1 billion has been raised through them as of right now. Additionally, the average investment growth was X25. For investors, it appears to be highly favorable, but there are also significant hazards there.

Analysis of IDO profits on several major launchpads

We chose to inspect a few prominent launchpads (Polkastarter and DAO Maker). and use Cryptorank data to assess their data. Despite the popularity of these platforms, it is clear that none of them raises hundreds of millions of dollars on their own. By platform, each project raises roughly $261,000 on average. On average, two platforms were profitable at 5%. In actuality, this is the yield since the project was listed. We present data in this document as of early June. When the price of bitcoin exceeded $30,000 and the cryptocurrency industry was not as depressed as it is now.

Our Crypto-Upvotes specialists made the decision to do a thorough analysis of Polkastarter, one of the most well-liked launch pads.

The DeFi category has the most projects that have collected money on Polkastarter. 38 DeFi projects in all were posted on the site. Only 21% of them remained above listed price at day’s end. The indications for the token price at previous highs are also noteworthy (ATH). Yes, if you kept any new token that was placed on Polkastarter DeFi for longer than the typical 21 days. You may anticipate yields of up to 4,900 percent. That would be a veritable casino with no hope of making a basic forecast, however, given the “survival rate” of ventures.

The projects supporting the blockchain infrastructure were shown to be the most effective IDO sector on Polkastarter. On practically all criteria, they demonstrated inferior returns. The best outcome across all platform sectors was achieved with a smaller sample size of 11 projects, where 27% of projects traded above listing price as of early June.


Since the ICO bubble burst, 2 of those years have been particularly “depressing” for the cryptocurrency business. On the two biggest launchpads, 73% of all projects are now trading below their listing price. Therefore, it would seem to be a terrible idea for long-term investors to take part in project offers on launchpads. Launchpads offer project tokens for a relatively little amount of time once they go to exchange, making them part of a hazardous portfolio. Additionally, you must exercise extreme caution while purchasing fresh project tokens. After a project has begun, you don’t have much time to decide whether to sell it. You face the risk of purchasing a token from one of the 73 percent of projects whose tokens are now trading below their launch price.