Hoskinson criticizes the “Ethereum Crowd” and asserts that ADA will change the world

Co-founder of Input Output Global (IOG), the organization at the center of the development of the Cardano blockchain, Charles Hoskinson has criticized the way Ethereum developers and community members have treated his idea.

Hoskinson stated on Twitter that it now makes sense why the Ethereum community has been preoccupied with his six-month time as a co-founder of Ethereum in 2014 following Ethereum’s Merge event earlier this month.

Hoskinson claims that the Ethereum community appears to be fixated on innovations and occasions that occurred in 2014, the year that the Ethereum blockchain first appeared. They have steadfastly refused to acknowledge that it is appropriate to talk about variations in protocol design or even to pay attention to Cardano’s Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which is hailed as the first demonstrably secure and peer-reviewed proof-of-stake blockchain protocol.


Bitcoin è il "peggior nemico di se stessi" e perderà contro Ethereum: Charles Hoskinson · Bassilo.it
Source: Bassilo.it


Hoskinson’s thoughts on Ethereum community

Hoskinson further asserted that the Ethereum community views Cardano’s proponents as an evil cult and has written off the cryptocurrency as a hoax.

He continued, saying that Cardano does not require the backing of the rest of the industry to succeed, despite the fact that this mindset ultimately hurts the cryptocurrency industry as it hampers adoption, collaboration, and cross-platform integration.

This is due to the fact that the Cardano blockchain keeps becoming better and solving real-world issues with each update, which, if widely adopted, might result in it reaching billions of users without stealing any users from Bitcoin or Ethereum.

“Cardano doesn’t actually require cryptocurrencies to be successful in order to succeed. We can reach billions of users without stealing a single one from Bitcoin or Ethereum because mass acceptance hasn’t yet occurred. The community has focused on helping us become proficient at solving challenges that actually exist” he stated.

He inferred that he thinks the Cardano community will transform the world and that none of the differences in the industry will matter in the end.


Does Hoskinson’s condemnation of crypto-tribalism worsen the issue?

The article about tribalism in the cryptocurrency sector is just the most recent of several written by the founders of Cardano. Given how the recent hard forks of both Ethereum and Cardano were reported, he recently accused the media of being complicit in creating prejudice in the sector.

In the meantime, some of the latest attacks of Cardano are a response to remarks Hoskinson made regarding Ethereum. He stated in a recent interview that Cardano has a superior proof-of-stake algorithm to Ethereum.

Additionally, he recently disparaged Ethereum Classic (ETC), calling it a bad investment with scant developer activity. A blockchain executive named Bob Summerwill responded by calling his remark “embarrassing”.