Crypto Garage experts tell about variants of making money in unstable market

Like the rest of the market, the cryptocurrency market is now in a negative trend, with many investors losing money. High levels of inflation in industrialized nations, logistical issues brought on by COVID19, and China, which has yet to fully recover from a pandemic, all have a significant influence on markets.

Everything about the stock market is quite clear: shares in the high-tech industry will undoubtedly keep declining. For cryptocurrencies, things are not quite that straightforward.

For the past two years, there has been a strong correlation between the crypto market and stock indexes. As a result, the price of BTC should decrease. However, the manipulation of the bitcoin market by large investors is more common. As a result, the “whales” will now make every effort to drive out tiny vendors from the market. who are attempting to profit from the anticipated decline of Bitcoin.

Opening short bets on Bitcoin is one way to profit in a turbulent market. which is probably going to revert to its many-month lows. Nevertheless, it is now seeing growth. In light of the fact that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile investments, it is worthwhile to place short orders. Price changes of several percent can occur in a single day.

That’s what we’re witnessing right now: even though everyone anticipated a decline in bitcoin. BTC unexpectedly started to increase and reached $21,000. Therefore, stops should be raised. Even so, there is some risk involved if forecasts are incorrect.

In general, placing short-term wagers on an unstable market carries a high risk. It is preferable to select a few investments that can be kept for two to three years. We would expand our investing portfolio to include Ethereum in addition to bitcoin. which is getting ready to go to Proof-of-Stake Also worth including in your portfolio is Solana. Because the increased liquidity and user base of decentralized financial apps will be readily apparent. Thus, a lot more projects will decide to use this blockchain for their endeavors.

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Experts in crypto Garage do not offer financial advise. This information is presented solely for informative reasons. A volatile asset, cryptocurrency can cause financial losses.