Community Still Supports ADA, Age Of Voltaire Is Near

Cardano just completed another significant update, and since then, everything has been going nicely. As has always been the case with the network, improvements are always being made to the ecosystem’s speed and user experience as a whole. Vasil has been functioning as anticipated, so Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson has unveiled a teaser for the network’s upcoming stage.


The Voltaire Era

Charles Hoskinson updated the community on upcoming events through Twitter as he normally does. This time, the creator of Cardano said that a new age was beginning for the network. The “Age of Voltaire,” as he refers to it, appears to be a strategy to further the network’s decentralization.

Hoskinson’s post suggested that this new age is geared for the network’s creators and users. According to him, Cardano wants to enhance decentralized governance in a way that “shows” the competition how to do it properly.


“As a cultural era, the Age of Voltaire will soon arrive. The tweet stated that it will “unleash the power of the millions of Cardano users and builders. Additionally, it will demonstrate to the rest of the sector how to implement decentralized governance, just like we did with staking.


This new period for Cardano borrows its name, as usual, from another well-known historical figure. François-Marie Arouet, a French Enlightenment author, philosopher, and historian, wrote under the pen name Voltaire.



Investors in Cardano Are Bullish

It appears that Cardano users share the founder’s enthusiasm for the network. The Cardano community has turned to the site to share their price forecasts for the digital currency, and they are making extensive use of Coinmarketcap’s “Price Estimates” tool.

Users anticipate that the price of ADA will increase by more than 37% in the upcoming month, according to the average of more than 10,000 votes. As a result, their predicted price for the digital asset at the end of October will be $0.5785.

Even with ADA’s terrible performance in the market over the last week, users’ bullish attitudes have not been affected. Selling pressure on the digital asset has increased, though, since ADA’s price has been falling below its 20-day moving averages.

At the time of writing, the price of ADA is $0.43. It still ranks as the eighth-largest cryptocurrency with a $14.75 billion market valuation.