Cardano’s Founder Promises “Something Special” In November


Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson teased the Cardano community earlier today with a surprise announcement.


Without going into greater detail, the popular Bitcoin enthusiast predicts that “something spectacular” is coming in November. Hoskinson included an animated GIF of the character Professor Farnsworth from the 1999 cartoon TV program Futurama saying “Good News Everyone!” The meme is frequently utilized by anyone who discusses something positive.

After months of delays, Cardano released its much-anticipated Vasil update in September. The ADA token, which saw a large surge in the run-up to the update, has made little progress since then.

Hoskinson recently told prominent YouTuber Ben Armstrong that the Cardano network was in a “wait-and-see” mode following the publication of the Vasil hard fork. Hoskinson believes that he expects a lot of things to happen on the partnership side (especially when it comes to bridges, standards, and certifications).

Cardano’s confluence of the metaverse, GameFi, and non-fungible tokens was “the biggest surprise,” according to Hoskinson. “It’s attracted a lot of fresh performers to our field,” he continued.


Hoskinson explains his opinion on XRP


The XRP community recently chastised Hoskinson for referring to its members’ charges against the SEC as a “grand conspiracy.”

Hoskinson has stated again that XRP supporters are “muddying the waters” by making it more difficult for the industry to accept Ripple. He has made it clear that he does not want to go down the path of accusing the entire administration of criminal behavior.

Hoskinson also attacked the “free pass” narrative promoted by XRP supporters, arguing that it is fomenting division rather than winning much-needed friends.